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In the Netherlands, 24 schools have been recognized by the Ministry of Education Sciences and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as a Top Sport Talent School, deviating from the legally established teaching table in order to invest extra time in the talent development of the young athlete .
The Willem Blaeu College in Alkmaar is with such a Topsport Talent status. The Top Sport Talent Program means that top talents in their sport are given the opportunity to shape their sport career and at the same time their school career remains possible. The Top Sport Talent program makes it possible to obtain the school diploma, while the training effort and sports practice are guaranteed.
Top sport Talents Schools are secondary schools where you can develop education and sport together as a sports talent. The specific sports wishes of the sporting talents are already taken into account from class 1 in secondary (VMBO-HAVO-VWO).
Top sport requires a lot of time for training, competitions and especially travel. A Topsport Talent School takes these sports activities into account by offering extra facilities. The facilities depend on what the professional athlete needs. The schools apply tailor-made solutions for every athlete.
For the school it is important that the athlete obtains a good school diploma. Top athletes are characterized by being able to combine top sport and study.


OSG Willem Blaeu

Van Der Meij College

Horizon College

The Viaan

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